ICS/OT Cybersecurity Assessments

Our assessment methodology starts with gaining an understanding of the industrial process and operation, as that is the fundamental mission of an industrial critical infrastructure organization. We utilize our mechanical and controls systems engineering experience to evaluate the industrial control system (ICS) architecture from the perspective of its effectiveness to maintain resilient, reliable, and stable operations during failure modes including cyber-induced failures.

We will also review the Operations Technology (OT) that supports the function of the ICS. We consider the geography of the process, operating procedures, and existing cybersecurity controls to determine the overall ICS/OT cybersecurity readiness of the organization. Our assessments are performed against a recognized standard, such the CISA CPS, NIST-CSF, etc. We are ready to suggest an appropriate standard or framework that is matched to your organization or, if your organization has already adopted a standard or framework, our team will produce our assessment results against it.